Please join our ACP Ride Club to receive practice discounts.  Membership forms can be picked up at the track.

Practice Fees: $35/cash or $40/card per rider. ACP Ride Club Members $30. PeeWees on Old School track only is $20/cash or $25/card per rider.   All MX Tracks are Bikes Only.

Practice rotation splits will depend on rider turnout. Typically it is all Big Bikes and all 50/65/85 split.

National Championship MX Track: An almost two mile long 28ft wide MX Track featuring loamy rich soil and sand. In addition to many elevation changes in and out of the 40 acre pit, there are triple step-ups, double step-ups, off-camber turns, sand sections, jumps and rhythm sections.  This track is very challenging, yet safe and is always changing to make it fresh every time you ride.

Vet-X MX Track: This track has our great ACP dirt but offers a little less of the technical challenges that our NCMX track has.  It is great for banging bars with your buddies, honing your mx skills and just plain old twist-the-throttle fun!!  This isn’t just a 2nd rate “vet track.”  Our Vet-X Track  recently received a fresh layout with new jumps, fast corners and new uphills/downhills.  Spinning laps on this track is a laid back and fun alternative to our more demanding NCMX track – and isn’t fun what it’s all about?

Old School Track/Pee Wee: A ’70s style scrambles motocross track that takes you back in time and offers a fun ride for seasoned riders with their vintage bikes.  It’s also great for the little guys and girls learning to ride with 50cc, 65cc and play bikes.

Minicross Track:   A new AX/SX style track for minis (50, 65 & 85s) only.  "Littles" (kids) only on this track.  A scaled down track with doubles, whoops bowl turns, flat turns and a table top finish.

Supercross Tracks:   Pro credentials required.  Contact us for information.

Single Track: Open select times and requires permission to ride.

Starting Gate: Dirt